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Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
? >> we'll throw on top some brown sugar. you get the blowtorch, and i got one. >> oh. all right. yeah ooh. >> make sure you brown it -- like a gun you don't want to burn yours okay this is our cinnamon and raisin brioche. we're going to put in egg wash go ahead and spread it around. yeah we're going to put more brown sugar on top we're going to toast it again with our friend the blowtorch. lay it on top -- >> oh, my gosh >> you want to try it? >> yes, i do this looks so good what should i start with >> eggs puree, you're going to crack the yolk up. the egg is too soft, you see. >> that looks so good. >> with the barbecued pork - >> my gosh, i love poached eggs, but i've never had a fried poached egg. >> all about the texture you have crispy fries and creamy, soft eggs. >> i want to get a little bit of every little thing in this bite. wow. that is fantastic. >> you could be a chef at any restaurant >> i mean, you could - >> fine dining food in a breakfast place. >> like decadence on a plate unch. fire to it, it gives it >> sugar. >> yummy i love that dean opened this restaurant for his fa
Dec 28, 2012 5:00am PST
't need to preplan dinner. look: the ninja lets you go straight from the freezer to a delicious golden-brown homemade meal in just 25 minutes of cook time. next, it's steam infused roasting. meats cooked in a conventional oven can come out dry. but ninja's steam infused roasting combines the power of heat and steam for the juiciest meals made in half the time. simply add flavors like red wine and rosemary and the steam infuses those flavors while fat drips away. next, it's searious slow cooking. slow cooking the old-fashioned way meant first searing on your stovetop, then transferring those ingredients to your slow cooker and you lost those flavors in the bottom of the pot. only ninja offers searious slow cooking, so you can first sear and saute, then slow cook right in the same non-stick pot for great-tasting dishes made faster. next, it's steam baking. only ninja lets you steam bake your desserts. when you bake with moist steam, the cook times are faster and you can actually use half the oil and butter compared to a regular oven. the ninja lets y bake desserts you'll feel so good about ser
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2